Spirit Animal, The Lately, Łegacies

Spirit Animal

with The Lately, Łegacies
Fri May, 31 @ 8:00 PM ( Doors: 7:00 pm )
Route 20
Ages 18 and Up
$10 Presale | $13 Day of Show
Spirit Animal
It started with a homemade computer. Filled with dust and dirty beats, the machine hadn't connected to the Internet since Silicon Valley was a private practice in Beverly Hills. Yet from it emerged Spirit Animal: a chaotic combination of rock and pop, fueled by the unruly aesthetics of psych and funk.
The Lately
We met at a party in Madison. People told us we looked like a band, so we started one a few days later.
Łegacies builds upon solid foundations to create a quality experience that leaves a lasting impression. based out of greater Milwaukee, Łegacies layers the heavy bass and beats of R&B under the catchy hooks of modern pop in an indie rock package that drips with swag.