Frequently asked questions

How do I get to Route 20?

Route 20 is located one block west of Interstate 94 on Hwy 20 in Racine, WI. From North or South, you want to exit I94 at the Hwy 20 Exit 333 and head west approx one block. Route 20 is on the South side of the street.

Should I purchase tickets in advance?

It is always a good idea to purchase advance tickets.

Can I purchase tickets at the box office or over the phone?

Yes. We recommend that you purchase them online. We are a small operation and our box office staff may not always be available to assist you. But we are always open online at

Are my tickets General Admission or Reserved Seats?

We set up each show to suit the needs of the performance. Some are General Admission, some are Reserved Seating and some are both.

What type of payment is accepted?

Cash is certainly still King although we are equipped to accept all major credit cards. No personal checks.

How old do I have to be to see a show?

All shows are 18+ unless otherwise stated. We do from time to time promote ALL AGES shows. If you are under age the age of 18 and wish to attend a show you must be accompanied by YOUR parent or guardian.

Do I have to be 18 to eat at Route 20?

No. We are also a restaurant and are open to the public with no age restrictions from 7 am to 10 pm. You must be 21 and have a valid state or federal picture ID to consume alcohol or enter the Bar area.

I’m 21, but my dog ate my ID!

No ID – No Alcohol – No entrance to the Bar area. We will ask 99.9% of our customers to show a valid form of ID upon entering on show nights. Mostly it’s because we think your cute or handsome and want to know your name. But also it’s the law. Route 20 reserves the right to deny entrance to anyone who does not possess a valid ID or to anyone who is trying to us an ID that is damaged in any way shape or form. Route 20 will confiscate any ID’s that are thought to be fake or do not belong to the person attempting to us it.

I’m hungry, can I order food?

Yes. We encourage you to take a look at our fabulous menu and order everything. You can take a look at our menu online here. Our kitchen is open From 7 am until 10 pm seven days a week.

I left my CC or forgot to pay my bill. Now what?

Please call us at 262-898-7900 and a manager will assist you with your lost items. A 20% gratuity will be added to any unpaid tabs left behind at the end of the night.

How does Route 20 promote events booked at Route 20?

Route 20 advertises through multiple print, radio, and social media outlets. Although we try to include all of our shows in our ads we still expect each artist to actively promote your shows at Route 20 to the best of your ability. If you need ideas or help on how to do this properly please email us and we will be happy to assist you.

My band has a confirmed show at Route 20. Now What?

Route 20 is a destination location. That means that you are expected to promote your show to all of your fans and do your best to get them out to the show. Never assume people will magically show up.

We recommend that you do the following things to help promote your show:

  1. Drop off at least 4 High-Quality posters 2-3 weeks before your show so we may hang them up around the club.
  2. Make an event on Facebook, invite all your friends and share it on our facebook page. If you don’t know how to do that, please ask us, we can help. We will also be making an event for your show and we will share it with you too. After you make your event or join the one we make, be sure to Invite all your friends.
  3. If you live in the area or have some friends that live in the area we recommend that you stop out on a Friday or Saturday night during a show and hand out flyers/demo CDs/drop cards for your upcoming show.
  4. There are plenty of places around the area to hang posters and hand out flyers or put them on cars. If you need some Ideas please ask us and we can give you a list of a few locations.
  5. Make personal phone calls to your friends and family to encourage them to support you by coming to the show.

Although we try to promote all of our events to the best of our ability please understand we are promoting ALL of our events and it is important and much more beneficial and effective for each artist to promote their show personally. It is ALWAYS noticed who does and does not actively promote their show at Route 20.